• Corn & Mexican Tortilla Making Process

    Nothing is tastier than fresh tortillas.

    If you dislike the leathery ones often found in grocery stores that can tear when being wrapped and get mushy when ingredients are added then you can a tortilla.

    tortillas made at home are tastier and a better choice as you are well aware of what is going in them.

    Homemade Corn Tortillas Always have some masa harina in the kitchen cupboard to enable you to make quick, tasty corn tortillas.

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    Ingredients for Making Corn Tortillas Are:

    • 2 cups of masa harina.
    • A half teaspoon of salt.
    • One and a half cups of warm water.
    • We are required to add a half teaspoon of salt to 2 cups of masa harina to a bowl.
    • Put an extra cup of the warm water than mix till water is absorbed.
    • Then incrementally add the rest of the water until the flour mixes and dough is formed.
    • Squeeze the dough into a ball using your hands. If it’s still sticking on your hands add masa harina bits by bits to dry it out Isolated the dough into golf ball sizes.
    • Flatten the balls using tortilla press or a pan.
    • Line each side of the balls with Ziploc pieces or plastic.
    • Heat a coma) or skillet to medium-high heat, then add the tortillas and flip after five to 10 seconds.
    • After that cook each side of the tortilla for one to two minutes until you see a formation of light brown spots. The tortillas are ready to serve!

    Mexican Tortillas

    For Mexican tortillas, we need:

    •  3 cups of all-purpose flour,
    • Two teaspoons of baking powder.
    • Two teaspoons of salt.
    • Three quarter cup shortening.,
    • Three-quarter cup of water.

    We begin by combining the baking powder, salt and flour. It’s done either by a pastry cutter or with hands. Add about three quarter filled cup of heated water to the mix to moisten it With a large fork or simply the hands mold the mixture while rubbing the dough against sides of the bowl.

    This will help gather and dough that is clinging on the edges. add some more flour until in case the dough is still sticky.Let the dough rest for a while before continuing with the cooking process. Cover it and give it an hour to sit.

    Floor your rolling area lightly and roll the balls with a roller. Place each one of them in a skillet and cook them for two minutes each side. Cook until the tortilla stops looking doughy.

    So! Here we are. Just follow these process with all your due care and attention! you will get some delicious mouth-watering food to try!

    You need to cover your hands with gloves and use all the ingredients and the instruments carefully so that there remains no germ to go into your healthy body! right?

    Eat healthily and keep updated with us, Leave a message for us if you have any queries related to your family’s health management.